Correlations for more than 30 variables in 'R'




When there are more than 30 variables in a dataset, how can we view the correlations using COR or Pairs or Pairs.panels statements? because, it’s giving error “Error in : figure margins too large”.

Anybody please let me know, how to correct this.



@manalykum- I think that you can use the COR function of R to find the correlation between the variable in the data set but if you are facing the problem I would request you to post the code and also provide the data set.

Hope this helps!



h @manalykum

Try the function corrplot() from the package of the same name. I put one example in the thread yesterday:
Example corrplot

Hope this help


I also used the dataframe used by @Lesaffrea , duplicated it so that we have around 44 variables and then used the corrplot to view the correlations. It worked perfectly