Course in python like analytics Edge for R




do you have any Course in python like the analytics Edge for R which can teach from basics of Pandas to implementing all machine learning algorithms using scikit learn package?



Hi Kalyan,

I am not aware of any such course. But you can follow the learning path by Analytics vidhya -

Hope this helps.

Aayush Agrawal


@kunal recently put up a useful list of links to analytics-related sessions from PyCon '15.

Almost all of the well-known packages are represented in beginner-friendly tutorials. You may also want to explore videos from the previous years’ conferences, all of which can be found on YouTube.


The nearest you can get is cs109 harvard extension program, but it is not as comprehensive as Analytics Edge.

I think our learning path covers some of the gaps between the course like Kaggle competition and initial warming up, but I might be biased about our work :grinning:

@anon @aayushmnit good to see you back on a single thread :blush: