Creating a Dimension which has only week and month named as period



HI need to create a extra column in calender which has
week(TempDate) As week // week end
Month(TempDate) As Month,// it s month start
// one more column has Period (which should have only week or month)
as in below screen shot where ever month starts it should be month
if not it should week
Where Date 1 is Week end / week



Can you show the screenshot of what you have and what you want to create?



I am Having the data has below
LOAD Date,
[Calendar Year],
[Day of Month],
[Day of Week],
[Week Start],
[Week End],
[GSS Week Start],
[GSS Week End],
[Month Start],
[Quarter Start],
[Fiscal Year],
[Fiscal Quarter]
From …|
where i want to create a new column as Period which contains only week end(means[GSS Week End],) and Month( [Month Start])
if you see the above example it where Date1 is [GSS Week End] and Monthstart its a combined view
which it was developed using resident tables where i want to create it with in calender
similar to cyclic group



This problem sounds interesting but I am not clear about the requirement. What I have understand that you want to create a date as “Date1” that will contain the week end date or month beginning date( if that week has first day of the month).

For Example:-

Please correct me if I am not in right direction.



Hi satish
thanks for your reply
where as Date 1 dates were week end dates and DATE regular calendar

any way it cannot be done
thank you guys
solution : only wat is to create a data iland table