Creating predictive modelling in KNIME




Is there anyone who is interested joining a team in order to sharpen ideas and skills on creating predictive modeling in KNIME


i am :wink: have some already finished recently. send me details please


Hello Zarniak
Thanks for such a good response.
I have created a slack workspace to share ideas, please feel free to join and also invite other learners.



great, thanks but i cannot log in as i do not have an account on your
workspace - could you create it?


Please provide me with your email so that I can invite you



Ok, I have already sent you an invitation



I would like to join. My email is


Hi @Johannes,

Please send an invitation to me as well. Email:



You are welcome,
I have already sent you an invitation


Ok, I sent you an invitation.


We will use excercise.csv file for practices. Import this file into KNIME by using File Reader and Split into training and test set at a “Relative 10%”.

Remember to share with the challenges that you face on any successes this is a first step towards developing a predictive model
This file has been shared in Slack.

You are all invited, send us your email address or your Slack account.


Also keen to join this group. Email:



I have sent you an invite on your email address