Criteria for Success of Bollywood Movie



I have collected data from BookMyShow for movies shows in india. I was thinking some features on which number of people watching that particular show on given day depends. Some of feature That I thought are

  1. Lead actor( Salman and Shahrukh have high demans )
  2. Number of views on trailers
  3. Weekday or Weekend
  4. genere
  5. Which city

Can you suggest some more features that I should add ?


I am unaware of the features already available in your dataset. But I think following should be useful:

  1. Box office collection for past 3-4 movies of the lead actor.
  2. Budget of the movie.
  3. Release date.
  4. Other movies releasing that weekend.
  5. No. of screens the movie will run across country.
    I could add more but I don’t know if you are seeking for these features. Please let me know if I helped or not.


Hey @nktvys your points are really helpful.
I have a very good dataset and I think almost all information about the movie is available. So don’t worry about the features available to me, If you have any more Ideas please let me know.



Hi silicon_lover,

You could also include more number of features like:

  1. Is festival day or not(for example Eid in india).
  2. How many movies are releasing on same day.
  3. Who is the director
  4. How many movies done by director and actor
  5. Who are the sponsors.
  6. whether it is releasing world wide. If yes collection with in the coutry and out side the country for last movies released by cast / director
  7. last movie collection for cast and director / may be last three / last year movies

we can think of more features like above.


Hi silicon_lover,

I am looking for Indian hindi film industry data including box office collections, budget, release date, directors, etc. Does your data have these variables? Would you be willing to share it at a nominal cost?
I need the data for an academic research project at King’s College London.

Apologies for writing out of the blue!

Best wishes,