Customer's loyalty forecast



I would like you to help me with finding the right technique to cope with the following forecast problem.
We have tested a few prices for our product and measured customer’s retention for each price. Now we would like to use this data to forecast customer’s retention for other prices before testing them (preliminary analysis).

Below you can find the results of our test ( I have alternated them). I don’t need anything sophisticated, I’m quite sure that excel itself will be enough for my analysis but I’m very confused how to approach it due to the fact that retention for prices 19,99 and 17,99 is almost them same and for the rest differs.

Price retention
19,99 41,26%
17,99 41,23%
16,99 44,71%
16,50 46,46%

Is it enough data to reach any conclusion?

Many thanks!



May I know the data size of customers for which you have tested these prices?
Is the customer group similar for each price testing?




17,99 - 120 users
16,99 - 200 users
16,50 - 120 users
19,99 - 300 users

Is such a parity an obstacle in calculating this?