Dask_ml.joblib google colab ModuleNotFoundError

I am referring to a post on Dask to handle big datasets for machine learning by Aishwarya Singh, I followed everything mentioned in the post and I am working on google colab, but during - “import dask_ml.joblib” I am getting ModuleNotFoundError as "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘dask_ml.joblib’ ". please suggest how can I make it right way.

First you should add link to this post.

I don’t know this post but maybe post is incomplete. Maybe author forgot to mention some steps. Maybe it needs to install some modules - like dask_ml or joblib

dask-ml 0.1 documentation - Scikit-Learn & Joblib

Joblib: running Python functions as pipeline jobs — joblib 1.1.0.dev0…

Or maybe problem is different.

Sometimes beginners have problem because they use wrong name for file in the same folder.

If you create own file dask_ml.py then import will load code from your file dask_ml.py instead of module dask_ml and then it may not find joblib inside your file dask_ml.py

After digging in internet I found that dask_ml.joblib was deprecated and it was finally removed in version dask_ml 1.1.0 (two years ago)

and now you should use joblib.parallel_backend

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