Data analysis for IT Department



Hi all,

my background was in machine learning, but i never got a job related to my major. Instead, I got into IT support field, now my company is interested in utilizing “big data” (actually it’s the data analytics/analysis they are looking at). Since I don’t have work experience except academic ones, can anyone please demonstrate some case scenarios where data analysis can be applied within the scope of IT department? ( relevant to technical application/goal and management perspectives)

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For IT incident management scenario, If you have any data related to Ticket solving of IT incidents then you can use Text mining to process the tickets and classify them automatically by different categories. Also, you can assign the upcoming tickets to appropriate teams/persons based on past tickets.


Thanks for the reply, and yes every IT department does have incident management software, but there are couple things, a. it sounds like I have to create a whole lot new system to automate the ticket assignment process and that sounds really time consuming and a lot workload. b. The text data in the incident system is often highly unstructured and noisy due to lack of writing capabilities of our users. Given above two aspects, I’m not sure text mining could help much though, what do you think? Any other case scenarios ?


If you have any specific keywords that would help to classify a ticket into solution category then you may collect and use this for automatic classification. This is as simple as searching for keyword.

If not text mining, you can give it a try with SLA (Service Level Agreement) information and tickets’ age. Compare the actual time taken by each ticket and compare it with SLA. You might have different SLA for priority for each ticket based on its priority. Do capability analysis by sub-groups (like team, category).

See the pattern of arrival and resolution. Try forecasting the number of ticket. Use it for capacity planning.