Data analysis of unstructured data that have non linear Key value position



I have unstructured data consist of three excel sheet

Text contents of 3 tables some how related to each other But there is no linear direct relationship between them e.g First row of table 1 is not related to first row of table 2 and table 3 although they sharing same numeric and letter key but may be there is relationship between First row of table 1, second row of table 2 and first row of table 3. so table 1 is related to both table 2 and table 3 via sharing common numeric key and letter key but not in orderly way. I have to figure out some insight from data, so what kind of data analysis or approach should I use to analysis this unstructured data.

I am already using Power BI for creating word cloud to visualize the data. What kind of other machine learning approach I can use to figure some insights from this data


Hi @keith,

Do you want to match the text content based on the keyword and table numbers given in the text content? Could you be more clear?