Data Analytics career path



I am interested in building my career as a Data Analytics Consultant(not necessarily a data scientist).I am not very confident with programming and am only familiar with a little bit of R. Can we have a career in data analytics without programming skills(such as java or python) or are there any roles in the data analytics industry which deal with other aspects of a Data Analytics projects except programming?


If you aim is analytics and not DS then we are in the business world rather then stats and ML. Tableau, Power BI are the two hot tools to know, Power BI starts to have a lot of traction in business. The point if you work in consulting company presentation and more presentations, the art of questioning at the beginning project is also key specially if you no or little knowledge of the domain are skills to have.
If you are not from the domain you work work on well forget you week ends for few months this if you work in consulting company and perhaps if you have demanding managers as it could be but well we are in consulting to help customers and to have diverse projects.
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If you are interested then you can join data analytics training course where you will learn from experts. It is not necessary to go with programming skills so you can go with data analytics with python and Djanzo.