Data Analytics or Business Analytics after MbA and experience in Hr


I did btech in computer science then Mba. I have 4+ years of experience in HR. But I wanted to move back to Analytics.
My question is will this be the right move?
If yes will data analytics or big data Analytics is the right career path for me. I am not good in coding but database is something I would be comfortable in.
Which institute will you suggest?
Any other suggestion on career wil be highly appreciated



Why do you want to move? Money? Career ? or Interest?

Share your 2,5,10 year plan wrt career. Not wrt Job, salary etc.


i want to move because of the following factors:- 1: Money
2: Better Career
3 : as per my graduation i want to get back where in I can be an asset for the organisation.

in the coming years i want to settle in Canada or US.


Can someone please help on the above query?


Hi @sushantmalhotra

With good domain knowledge of HR and Analytics this could be good move to go. The big question is to find one organisation big enough which will develop Analytics for HR (if you want to stay in HR). International organisations do quite a lot in this area specially if they are active in skill development, Health and security.
One skill you must have is the knowledge of one organisation system such as Success Factor, SAP HR etc… or the Business Warehouse (BI). Most of the work is in reporting and dashboard (Tableau or in some cases Power BI is a plus).

Best regards



Thanks a lot @Lesaffrea (Alain).
I don’t want to stick to HR as this might affect career progression. As per your reply does this means that i have to do SAP HR certification also as i was planning to move to be a Data Science. What challenges you feel one will face while shifting the domain from HR to Data Science?


Hi @sushantmalhotra

My message that I certainly badly convey is that data science on its own is not of great interest to organisations. Data Science plus knowledge of one domain is, you need both you mentioned HR that why I was giving HR as example if you want to know one other domain such let say electricity distribution or production and therefore forecasting will be the area of data science to master prepare for it.
SAP is not a prerequisite it was example.
If you want to target Canada then mining and electricity could be one erea as mentioned each look at area in Data Science mining at the moment it is predictive maintenance therefore signal analysis, survival extreme events is a must know, optimisation is the other specially concerning energy utilisation, therefore convex, linear system high dimensions space are the data science areas.
Lets recap DS + domain knowledge for experience people is necessary, my advise if you can leverage your HR knowledge and then add analytics /data science I believe it could be a good start.

Hope this help.


Thanks a lot @Lesaffrea your message helped me a lot just a small request can you please suggest what should be the steps to land up into a better job as you know my experience currently i am in Saudi Arabia and my job profile include more of Projects coordination. I want to start with the my desired career into Data Science but not been able to map. Hence i request if you can suggest what should i do as a mentor as in what should i do to start as in what all steps (certifications and knowledge) is required. This is also to bring to your kind notice that my contract will end in the month of January 2019. I am starting Canada Immigration Process by the end of this month.

Sushant Malhotra


@vivekps I am more interested in playing with numbers and indeed money is somewhat which is a great motivator. Currently i am in Saudi Arabia my contract will expire in January 2019 and i want to immigrate to Canada then after.