Data analytics or Business analytics or analysis path for MBA graduate with 5 years of IT experience



As I am interested towards analytics I would like to know how should I pursue my career in this field. I have completed my MBA in systems and that have I have close to five years of IT experience. At present, I am working as an applications developer,

I would like to know what would be my career path with respect to analytics and the skill sets that I would have to develop for the same which would help. There are two paths that are available, one is data analytics and another is business analytics or analysis that is present. I am not that comfortable in coding but I am quite good at databases. I am currently confused on the aspect of where to start and what to start with as there are a lot of things that are present.

Also, I would like to know what is the skill set and requirements that the industry expecting from MBA graduates.

Thanks for the responses in advance. It would be really helpful for me with clarity and guidance to proceed in this field.