Data Analytics Platforms

What are your views on using data analytics platforms that make cleaning, storing and managing data easier compared to doing it all on your own through code?

Currently I’m using Tesser Insights’ analytics tool and it is pretty convenient. Great interface, design and data storing and cleaning functionalities.

imho, it all depends on the extent of your needs and the value that the tool brings.
I don’t know Tesser, but if your needs are around “data cleansing, storing, and managing”, almost any database would work for you and I don’t see where “analytics” comes in all of that.
If all you need is to chart some data, any DIY graphing tool or language, from d3 to R, or a simple tool like Tableau would do and you don’t need anything more sophisticated.
But if you have a complex case - say you have a SaaS product on AWS, using some RDS, and need to provide a self-service analytic solution for your multi-tenant product, then I would not advise trying to built it yourself, or using any of the tools above! In that case you need an “infused analytics platform for SaaS” and you need to make your choice very carefully, as it is a serious decision.

For personal projects, I’ll go for something that I’ve built and analyzed, for projects that I make for others, I don’t put in that kind of effort, so I prefer automation in these cases.
(context : I’m a sophomore so haven’t had any industry-experience as such)