Data Analytics project ideas for B Tech students



I am student in tier 3 college. I am interested in data science. As a part of my course, I want to do a project using machine learning or data science. Please give us some ideas.


On searching the web, I thought of building a recommedation system. How to get started with it? What are all technologies should I learn to build? We have 3 months time. I have already completed machine learning course by andrew Ng and Machine learning with Case Study approach by Carlos.


Hi @shivakrishna9,

If I would have been in your place, I would

It all depends on you interests, your experience in working on problems and your timeline.

Choose wisely. Good luck!

PS: For my project, I referred this project overview guide.


Thank you ver much for the links and motivation.


I think you can work on project called recommendation of mobile phones ,this is a recent topic and also you will be able to learn things related to data science by doing this project,