Data Engineer to become a data scientist



Hi All,
I am fresh graduate. I am currently working as a Data Scientist in a company where I am getting very less chances to work on projects. Now, I got another opportunity as a Data Engineer, in a product based company, which usually have lot of work and learning curve is pretty good.

Now, my question is, if I join in new organisation, what are my chances to become a data scientist with experience over the period.

I am in dilemma to make a wise choice. Please suggest your opinion.



First of all, I would ask you to understand the role more closely in your organization. There are many organizations using designations loosely and interchangably.

One you are sure and assuming that this is indeed the case, I would recommend to go with a role which gives you the maximum learning and satisfaction. The way I look at it you can always switch back to a data scientist role as you are only gaining wider perspective as a data engineer.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the suggestion Kunal. After a wide calculation of all aspects, what I understood is, All great data scientists today in industry were data engineers.