Data Exploration and Machine Learning app using R Shiny



I am sharing the app related to Data Exploration and machine learning. Features includes:Data Exploration, Running Models, Finding important Variable, Comparison of the Model and Choosing the best Model to predict.

In the next version I will include features to deal with missing values, outliers and transformations. Hope it helps.

Keep using and let me know your suggestion and issues/bugs you are facing.


Hello @Surya1987 This is great. Would you mind sharing the code?


This is awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing the app. Have been always thinking about developing a similar app and now you just saved me. However, i have few suggestions:

  • can you add an option to save the trained model for a later use
  • it would be great if the user can also upload a custom machine learning model

Are you planning to open source the app?


Yes I will add those features which you suggested. Currently it is open to everyone. Just I am trying to create an which will be helpful to everyone. Hoping for the best. Saving I am just thinking how to do. Write.csv does not work on server. Let me know if you have any idea. Have u explored the app? Let me know if you face any bugs.


I did a quick try on a classification problem but it seems not to respond when I try to train. The dataset is fairly small (220KB) 90000 rows x 12 columns.

As for saving the trained model, I usually save them as pickle in python but am not sure which R version does the same (maybe dput and dget?). The model shouldn’t be saved on the server but the app would offer the flexibility to save it on a local directory.

Another suggestion I have is to generate tables as tables instead of text. For example, the correlation is displayed as text similar to how R generate correlation. If you could have this correlation matrix and feed it to Shiny so it output a structured table would be better.

This is definitely a good project and if the code is also open-sourced, am sure there will be more people adding more features.


Just make sure that the dataset you upload should not have missing values


I have noted down your suggestions. I will update/add one by one. Currently working on code related to dealing with missing values, outliers and transformations


Hi Surya,

Can you please share the code?


Hi @Surya1987 can you please send me the code for that, i am also working on same problem, please send it to my mail id

Thanks in advance