Data Hackathon 3.0 (8th - 9th August '15) - Register Here



Data Hackathon 3.0

The Battle of Survival

Hey there!
This battle of survival will test how well can you endure the complexity of a dataset and tame it according to your instructions (algorithms). The previous hackathon registered more than 250 entries all around the world and none returned empty handed. The Champion ( @aatishk ) earned Amazon Voucher worth Rs.10,000 (~$200) and the rest earned invaluable knowledge.

Here’s your chance to participate and join this data science fraternity and unlock the vault of data science resources.

3 Reasons to Participate in Data Hackathon 3.0

  1. Get the chance to learn from peer data scientists and data science professionals
  2. Get introduced to the use of new algorithms and techniques
  3. Evaluate your skills and knowledge and seek the best ways to improve

If you still need more reasons to participate, you might not survive this battle. Good luck!


Drop in your 'Name' by replying on this thread. The necessary details will be then shared on your email as well as on the discussion portal on 7th August 2015.

Other Details

  1. The contest starts at 23:59(IST) on 7th August 2015, when the dataset and the problem statement will be released
  2. You should register for Analytics Vidhya Discuss account before the contest starts and mention your willingness in this thread before the contest starts.
  3. No new entries would be accepted after 8th August 2015
  4. You are expected to participate on the problem individually
  5. People are free and are encouraged to post their challenges / findings / solutions on the discussion portal in the following category:
  6. The submission (i.e. the output and the code on your tool) should reach on the email id latest by 23:59 on 9th August 2015
  7. The best entry as judged by the metric and Analytics Vidhya gets the Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 10,000(~$200)
  8. There is a special award for best participation - who ever spreads the most knowledge during the contest and helps them out throughout discussion portal
  9. You are suggested to join this forum during the battle. You'll find live chat sessions amongst the data scientists:
  10. After the end of contest, we will release winner's solution to the wider community

Introductions - New members for July 2015
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Name: Steve

I want to participate


Name: Imran

I want to participate


Please count me in. Thanks!


I’m in. I think I’ll be a little more relaxed this time. (Hopefully!)


Interested to participate.


Excited to participate & learn again :smile:
Name: @Rupert


Name : Karthi

I would like to Participate


Name: Siva Krishna.
I want to participate…


Name: Sukanya

I would like to participate


Name: Aayush Agrawal

I would like to participate.


Count me in - I’m Shyam


Would love to try! count me in


Name : Litesh Gumber


Participation Request


Name: Ivo
I want to participate


Name: Gaurav Goel

I want to participate


Name: Venkata

Want to participate


count me in.