Data Hackathon Online (11th & 12th July 2015) - Register Here

Data Hackathon Online (11th and 12th July 2015)

Hey there!

We are back. Your enthusiasm and participation in our previous hackathon brought us again with a double blast.This hackathon will be for two days, with double the prize money than last time.

What’s different about this competition?
Participants here show no mercy on Datasets. Datasets here get sliced and diced mercilessly with an ultimate motive of achieving highest accuracy in the following stages. In this battle, the data scientist of Analytics Vidhya will be your savior to help you learn and progress.

If you think, this sounds exciting, register now and enter this battle.


Drop in your 'Name' by replying on this thread. The necessary details will be then shared on your email as well as on the discussion portal on 11th July 2015.

Other details:

  1. The contest starts at 23:59(IST) on 10th July 2015, when the dataset and the problem statement will be released
  2. You should register for Analytics Vidya Discuss account before the contest starts and mention your willingness in this thread before the contest starts.
  3. No new entries would be accepted after 11th July 2015
  4. You are expected to participate on the problem individually
  5. People are free and are encouraged to post their challenges / findings / solutions on the discussion portal in the following category:
  6. The submission (i.e. the output and the code on your tool) should reach on the email id latest by 23:59 on 12th July 2015
  7. The best entry as judged by the metric and Analytics Vidhya gets the Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 10,000(~$200)
  8. There is a special award for best participation - who ever spreads the most knowledge during the contest and helps them out throughout discussion portal
  9. After the end of contest, we will release winner's solution to the wider community

Name: Steve Mason
I want to participate


Name: Ramesh Ramachandran
I want to participate


Name: Aditya Sharma
I want to participate! :smiley:
Can’t wait for it!

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Name: saimadhu Polamuri
I would love to learn how to solve real world problems. Thanks alot for analytics vidhya team.
eagerly waiting for July 11th & 12 july 2015.

Excited to learn again. take me in Parindsheel

Name :- Abhishek Krishna

I want to participate in Hackathon. Cheers

Name: Nithin Krishna
I would like to participate

Accept my participation please.
name : Sarthak Gupta

Accept my particiption also. Name: Sourav Datta. This is is the first time I am participating so I how do I come to know when the data set will be uploaded ?

Name: Jitesh Khandelwal
I want to participate.

Name: Ravikant Vajrapu… Eagerly waiting for it to start!!

Yes Kunal, i will participate in this analytics event!

Hi, I’m Subarna Pal.
I want to participate in this contest to get better practical understanding on the subject.

Hi , I am Dharmesh Manglani.
I want to participate in this contest! :slight_smile:

Name : Karthikeyan
I would like to participate

Name: Sreeraman K Krishnan
Conisder me in :smile:

looking forward to participate… :thumbsup:

Tentatively in. I think Analytics Edge’s Kaggle competition starts immediately after this. :smile:


Name: Srikanth adepu
I want to participate


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