Data Hackathon Online 3.X - 5th & 6th September 2015

Count me in as well

Please count me in too!

Sarangam Prahlad

I want to take part

Count me in folks.

I Debanjan Banerjee , will be competing in this competition.

Please include me as well

Count me in. Looking forward for an exciting live problem to work on !!


Count me in.

-pradeep [[email protected]]

Count me in

Jagdish Joshi [[email protected]]

Plz count me in.
[email protected]


Count me in.

User name : Aayushmnit
Email : [email protected]

Not sure if I will be able to participate but there is no harm in registering for it :smile:


Hi, count me in.

Name- Sarthak Girdhar

Please count me in for this.

Hi, I would like to participate.
Check me in. :smile:

I would like to participate
Manish Mahajan

I would like to participate

Count me in.

Ankur Verma

This is Shona. I like to participate in the challenge

Count me in.

Amol Gothe

Name: Sudeepa Palai

Count me

Name: Dhanashree

I would like to participate.