Data Hackathon Online 3.X - 5th & 6th September 2015

Count me in. Thank you.

Avinash Maddula…Count me in

Count me in!

I would like to participate.

Name: Kumar
count me in…

I am interested
Karthikeyan P

I want to be a part of this Hackathon.
Name:Nihit Agarwal

Hey, I’m interested.

Name: Sarath… Pl. count me in!


I would like to participate.

Name: Abimannan

I am in!

Name : Mukesh Varma Dantuluri

Please count me in too. I am relatively new to Analytics but would love to give this a try!
Name : Sagar Agarwal

Swapnil Sharma.


Name : Amine TEFFAL
I want to participate.

Pooja Agarwal
I’ll participate.

Name - Ankur Thakkar

I would like to participate.

Hi guys ,
I am in
Name: saimadhu

Name : Arunkumar
Count me in