Data Hackathon - Online (Date: 7th June 2015)

Name: Jagdish Joshi
I am interested to participate.

My Name is Ram.
Please accept my participation

Arpit Sidana.
Please accept my participation

Jayantilal Bhanushali

Please accept my participation

Name :Ashish Sehgal

Accept my participation :smile:

My name is Debasree Chakraborty. I am interested in joining the 7th June Data Hackathn

Gaurav Goel. Please accept my request to participate.

Name : Jegan

Lets rock!!!

I am interested in participating!!

Please accept my participation in this Online Data Hackathon on 7th June, 2015. Looking forward.

Shubham Gupta. I am interesting in participating…!!

Abhinav Unnam, interested in participation.

Atul Sharma.I am interested in participating.

Deepish Adwani. Please accept my request to participate.

This is Hardik Parmar here
and I would like to participate
kindly inform me.


Hi I am Imran Uddin, I am interested in the competition !

I am interested. Thank you

I am interested for the event…

Suresh Kamal, Interested in participating

Name : Tushar
I am Interested in this Hackathon.
What will be the platform of evaluation?
Will it be kaggle like or hackerearth type? ( timing + accuracy or most problem solved in given time)
Can I email output multiple times in case of Improvement in Results and accuracy?
Is the problem going to be a modeling problem like in last meetup or something more challenging?