Data Hackathon - Online (Date: 7th June 2015)

Name : Tushar
I am Interested in this Hackathon.
What will be the platform of evaluation?
Will it be kaggle like or hackerearth type? ( timing + accuracy or most problem solved in given time)
Can I email output multiple times in case of Improvement in Results and accuracy?
Is the problem going to be a modeling problem like in last meetup or something more challenging?

Add me in !! Interested in Participating.

Basavaraj K

I am interested in this.

Rahul K .Interested in this

My name is Ajoy.
I am interested in participating in the Data Hackathon

Hi my name is Jayesh
Email ID:

Hi Iā€™m Siddharth
e-mail ID

Abhishek Shetty

Vijendra Krishnamurthy. Please accept me for the Hackathon.

Varun Yadav.

Ishan Singh.
I would like to participate in the Hackathon,


The contest is likely a Kaggle style problem. The metric of evaluation will be announced at the start.

We will continue to publish the leader on leaderboard on these discussion portal. You can mail the output multiple times.

The problem is going to be a mix of modeling / machine learning. I am not sure which meetup you are referring to? Delhi or Bangalore?

Hope this helps


My name is K.amol.
Please accept my registration.

hi i am ashish Ranjan . i am intrested

Rudra Saha.

Interested in participating.

Name - Amartya Hatua

I am interested

Name : Sunny Malhotra
email id :
I am interested for the same.

Interested as well :slight_smile: name: Miruna Popa

This is Kesav. I am interested.

Gaurav Bansal. Please accept my participation.

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