Data mining & Clustering algorithm



Hello friends,
I need some help.
I need to know how I can find the cluster centroid of each cluster, if

Also, k-mean under which classification techniques eager or lazy classification learning? or It’s Unsupervised

Lastly, in case of comparing between Eager and Lazy classification methods, what are they?




  1. Cluster centroid is found by finding the mean of all the observations. In this case, it would be mean of x and y values.
  2. KMeans is Unsupervised because it can work without labeled data.
  3. KMeans is a clustering algo not a classification algo. KNN is a classification algo.
  4. For Eager vs Lazy learning, check out this link

On a lighter note, I’d suggest you to first make an attempt to Google your doubts before posting them in the discussion. That would save a lot of time and will make you learn even more.

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