Data mining technique for count data


Is there any data mining technique / algorithm which can suit to predict the count data? apart from the statistical technique like Poisson regression ?


How many levels does it have? It the number is small, you can actually convert the outcome into multiple outcomes and run a simple logistic regression to predict Yes / No.

For example, if the count can be 1, 2 or 3 - then you can create 3 variables, is_1, is_2, is_3 and then bbuild 3 models to get an answer.

The highest probability would be your prediction.



Hi @kunal sir,

Thanks for your response. The count varies from 0 to 10000. (Including the outliers). Can we still convert this to mutliple outcomes and run a Ordinal log regression instead of simple logistic?

Thanks in advance.

Karthikeyan P