Data mining with R - Is learning Rattle sufficient?



Is it enough to learn rattle for data mining with R or learn R programming also.I know SAS.So till what level should I learn R.

Is learning rattle enough for data mining

What is the aim behind learning R? What do you want to achieve?

Rattle would only be good to learn basics.



When we are doing job search(I am trying for domain change) ,when we say we know R ,I want to know the level of expectations they have?So I was asking since they expect us to do data mining ,is learning Rattle with R sufficient and a little bit of R programming that equals with base SAS enough?



If you say you know R for data mining, the company would expect that you would know more than just Rattle.

Rattle provides a good introduction to R, but does not help in doing any intermediate or advanced stuff.



Dear Kunal,
As of now, R and Rattle are even more powerful than you imagine.
It’s not a surprise why Microsoft bought Revolution Analytics, the company that built R.