Data mining with rattle



Hi to all
Do you think that using Rattle package in R can be a lazy way to analytic data?
I mean it would prevent you using new techniques and coding in R


rattle is used primarily for data mining and models. you obviously need to know what makes a good model or not. so while rattle is an easy way, it is not a lazy way to make good models as you still need to use your statistical knowledge. it will cut down on your coding time. but you cannot cut down on your statistical time. eg it wont tell you which variable to transform or drop or keep in a regression model

also you can use it to look at various algorithms (using the log menu) and then simply use the functions in R console or Rstudio directly


dear ajay_ohri
that would be the best answer for me that newbie in Learning data mining and analytic science because it help me to learn modeling data trough little coding