Data Modelling for agricultural data set



Hi, need some inputs on which type of modelling method should i apply in R to this agricultural data set?Agriculture Data.csv (827.1 KB)


Hi @preeti.mahawar, without knowing the problem statement it’s hard to give suggestions. Could you specify the problem you are trying to solve or what are you trying to predict?


Actually i am trying to do forecasting using ARIMA, but before that i need to understand if there is anything else i can set as an objective like if i could do clustering or decision tree?? basically i need to set an objective based on variables


You can use a decision tree or any other machine learning algorithm to predict a variable. For example, you can predict whether the Production will surpass a certain value. Clustering and other data exploration techniques can be used to get hidden insights from the data.


Hello Preeti,

From the data you had shared it looks like you want to predict the production in different districts and regions, so I would suggest you to go for the linear regression after on the basis of the regions.

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