Data Reading Error In Market Basket Analysis



Hello All my senior,junior and friends good afternoon to all. I have doubt that I have a dataset of product sku report where each row denotes each transaction and each column denotes list of product Sku are bought under a transaction. I am attaching the file for your references. I want to run market basket analysis. But the problem is though it is generating rules but in lhs or rhs x.1, x.2 like that things are coming. I guess that they are column names though i have not mentioned any column names. My guess is having problem to read data.

Can anybody show me how to fix errors? Please help out. its urgentjeffers_analytics_dhana.csv (50.2 KB)


Kunal Sir/Sunil Sir/Manish Sir/Tavish sir please help out.


hi @santu_rcc014,

The link u had given for the csv file is not working.
Can you please provide a screenshot of the data instead.
My guess is that this is mostly because of the columns not having names as you said.


hi shuvayan please help me out. I know you have exceptional good knowledge on R. I need the solution early. Even i also think the same that data not read early. Can you please give your mail id. I can mail it to you. Please share mail id of yours.


hello @santu_rcc014,


shuvayan check your mail and let me know whether you got it and understand my problem or not.


Hi shuvayan
I also get Data Reading Error in market basket Analysis same as santu, so plz can u help me