(Data Science + Big Data) in Jigsaw academy



Is the (Data science + Big data) course suitable for MBA graduates in JIGSAW Academy who don’t have technical skills and is this enough to get placed after course completion?



It depends on what kind of role do you want to take up after the course. If you are looking for a strategy / business role, where analytics is one of the inputs among other things, you might be better off doing a course from the likes of ISBs and IIMs (but they require you to have work experience).

On the other hand, if you want to get into a technical role, which is hands on - these courses from Jigsaw are a good starting point. Don’t bank of placement after course completion and be ready to put in extra efforts from your side.

If placement happens (and it does happen), take it as a bonus!



@kunal Thanks a ton bro…:slight_smile:

Can you please tell me what I need to do in order get placed along with the Jigsaw’s course?

Any thing like solving puzzles or followings blogs etc… :confused:


The biggest thing you need to do is garner experience on data science projects. Apart from the case studies available through Jigsaw, you should compete in a few Kaggle competitions. You can also try your hand at internships / freelancing projects.

Obviously, you should follow blogs and other industry news through out. Solving puzzles and interview questions can come a bit later in the process.

I think Jigsaw also provides some help there.



(data science+big data ) will this help securing better jobs.