Data Science - Career Shift (From Mech Engg to Data Science)




About myself :
I have always been passionate about programming in computers and looking for a chance to exhibit my skills
during the entire tenure of my extensive years of experience in the field of engineering and sales.

With my proficiency in designing MS Access database and using Excel advanced functions, I have designed and developed numerous MS Access programs and Excel macros to different departments and individuals to keep my skills alive.

Correlating to my skills in computers, I have now acquired knowledge of Data Science programs like Python
R, Tableau and Machine Learning and want to build my career path in the field of data science.

My Background:
I am basically a mechanical engineer with 20+ years of experience in the field of engineering and sales, having worked for leading organization producing mechanical seals & systems and high-performance couplings.

I am now following my passion and hoping to build a career in Data Science. I am located in Bangalore and want suggestions and advice on How should I look for opportunities in this field?


I might have very little knowledge regarding the answer to your question but your myself was worth reading. And as per my little knowledge, try to relate the beauty of data science with the field/companies you have worked with (as I said it’s little).


Thanks Mr.Krishna for your response.
I am actually trying to look for opportunities in data science and with my domain experience (engineering and sales). It is taking time to get hooked, but I am sure I will find some company who are looking for people like me.

Thanks very much for your response (I had actually thought nobody would respond to my query)…


I know a place where you can enhance your knowledge in the field of data science.
There is a company in Bangalore named Business toys.
They provide data Science certification courses which will improve your knowledge and they will help you in finding your career in Data science.
Hope this helps you.