Data Science interview/application question help


What is the best approach to think about when answering the question:
“What can you tell us that demonstrates your ability to think in a quantitative way to solve problems?”

Thanks in advance.



Quantitative approach to solve problems is an application of basic mathematics skills. You try to use statistics to solve the problem. From these types of questions, the main aim of an interviewer is to know how well structured your thinking skills are and how good are you with your statistics. So, to answer these questions, first think what all is required to solve a problem quantitatively. Here are few key points to help you with that:

  • You should be thorough with all the concepts related to the problem.

  • Organize all the concepts and use a systematic approach.

Once you apply these steps to solve a problem, the results will be better. So, while answering such questions in an interview, systematic approach towards the problem is must.

Hope this helps!!


Thanks alot for taking out time and replying. It does help.