Data Science - Newbie advice


Am new to Data Science. I have a Mathematics university degree from sometime ago, and have spent the last 25 years working in IT as a programmer, developer, and now a team leader. Am now wanting to move into Data Science. Where i work they have been very good, but in order get me experience, I have been asked to come up with a “use case” for a Data Science Project. I have done this albeit verbally + via email to a couple of senior people, and i believe there is a real appetite to take on my “use case”, but…i have been asked to put together a brief proposal document for Senior management to look at, and i think for me to present to them.

Can anyone offer advice on perhaps producing the proposal document ? Whilst i am being specific in terms of the use case, i wish to make the proposal quite general in a way, and focus on the wider benefits that Data Science can bring to a business, eg. business value created from actionable insights derived from data.

Also, if anyone has any advice regarding useful resources /articles etc to aid in my learning, that would be fantastic.

Thanks all.


Hi @chapperscobbler

The way I see it is a great opportunity for you to introduce your seniors and high command of your firm to a revolutionary technology. If you do it right, they are going to thank you for years to come. ( of course, Promotions goes without saying!). There are plenty of very powerful applications of Data science which are being used by almost every top firm from banking to healthcare to finance to logistics to what not. To go though some of the most powerful applications of Data science, you can refer to:

However, since you haven’t revealed anything about your “use case” so its hard to make a concrete comment on how exactly you should make your proposal. Anyway, I’ll advise you to focus on the widespread use of data science across almost all the industries and its importance in near future as the data is continuously growing. I personally feel that the speed at which data science is not only getting deployed but revolutionising countless number of industries, very soon it will become impossible for any firm to survive without Data Science.