Data science program for non computer background people

Hi, I am chirag.
presently I am working as mathematics faculty for the competitive exams like iit jee. I have completed my B. Tech in aeronautics and M.S. by research in vibration from iit madras. I time goes I am getting more interested in data since, statistical analysis, predicting techniques and probability modelling of data.
As i am not person from computer science background is above mentioned tings are possible for me to go for career in them? however I have basic knowledge of programming and interest as well. I am also interested in time series analysis and fourier transform and identifying dominant frequency component.
kindly guide me in career options in the above mention courses.

Hi Chirag,
I am Andrew, a person who have changed the career from Auditing to Data analyzing.
I believe that Python is one of very easy language to learn, which is only hard to be master. You can begin with Python before moving to other languages and tools. It’s just like a man from other country try to study English. So yes, you can totally go for career in data science. However, it would take you time to change your career, may be 1-2 years to be good at this.
Hope my answer is good for you!

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