Data science vs big data - Career prospect wise is combination of both more attractive if one can apply right skills?



Hello All,
i have done B.S.C in statistics and worked in BPO as team leader last three years.

I have been reading about data science and big data for a few weeks now and mulling on career change.

Can someone advice me is it feasible to opt for both data science + big data courses and learn its application industry wise or is it just better to opt for either of one.

Career prospect wise is combination of both more attractive if one can apply right skills?..

Please advice


i just need advice were to start as i am quiet attracted to analytics field and applying it in my field too.
Should one start with data science course and then upskill with big data course when one has worked as data scientist…would that add any value


Hi Varun,

Since you are statistics graduate i am thinking Data science would be better position. So Start doing course from good institute like Coursera, Udacity, Udemy. then do lot of hackathons in AV, it should help you to move from BPO services to data science world i feel.


Hey Yatish,

Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Would learning big data techniques along with data science be add on? are you a data science field too? And how much can one except as a fresher in data science field.


To be honest, both of these topics you listed are closely intertwined.
First big data is just a compilation of a large amount of data and data science is basically the operations that are performed on Big Data. Hence one can’t exist without the other and right now both of these fields are performing really well.
These concepts have revolutionized the world and I’m sure there are multiple companies who are wanting to implement this concept as soon as possible.
Now to your question, yes it is feasible to opt for both since both of the topics you mentioned are closely related. Getting a data science certification will give you an edge when it comes to applying for a data analyst position and the same applies for big data certification too.
Career prospect wise I think the demand for data analysts will not decline in the coming years and the need for data analysts is high right now, so finding a job should not be all that difficult to be honest.
Choosing the right set of skills is left up to you. Big Data can be used by many industries for many different purposes and you need to decide how you want to implement it.
I wish you all the best


As i suggest you to go for higher degree course in the same field, with the knowledge of programming languages like R or Python preferably.
You can get into post graduation diploma in data science by Certified Universities.


I don’t know if this will help but try this link.
The 2 are almost related in some aspect.
You work on BDO so any of the two is good but I prefer Data science.