Data Science vs Data mining vs data analysis

I am new to data science and search a lot of web to find what is the difference between Data science, Data mining and Data analysis. But nowhere got a satisfactory answer will anyone please explain me or suggest any article or video regarding this.

Hi @skkarn02,
Please follow this discussion thread to understand better.


The difference is of time and bragging/hype. long back ago only data mining, then analysis on data become data analytics received huge rewards, than ML algo made Data science. when you see same thing in Presentation, it is AI.

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Data Science and Data Mining need no introduction. They are the biggest buzz words of the 21st century. That’s why it has become mandatory for everyone to understand these terms and the key differences between Data Science and Data Mining. Be it someone who is just exploring the ‘data-space’ or someone who is serious about making a career in this area.if you interested in data science(python,ml and AI) you can easy learn online and offline

Essentially, Science and Mining are completely dissimilar terms, but when it comes to data they often go hand in hand. However, there does exist a relevant difference between data science and data mining which makes it worthwhile to probe

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