Data Scientist and Big Data Developer



What is the difference between the role of a big data developer and a data scientist(and data analyst also)?

Is knowledge of statistics necessary for big data developer also?

@kunal, @Manish


Hi @pareekrachit,

A big data developer’s role in a data science team is to handle the software and hardware technicalities which arise in the data science life cycle (DSLC). He has to make sure that the team has the resources required to handle the project and that the system is running smoothly. Whereas the data scientist is responsible for handling the analytics and predictive modelling phase in the DSLC.

Even though major part of the analysis is done by the data scientist, the big data developer has to be knowledgeable enough to know what is going on and help alongside whenever required. So knowledge of stats in necessary for him/her too.

Hope it helps!