Data scientist light?



Im a 26 years old guy with an MBA and I work as an ERP system administrator and today I have some silly questions for you.

I have been interested in the field of data science for a while now. I’ve always liked statistics and various analytical tasks. I would really like to try and work within this field but it feels a bit overwhelming. People mention that you have to learn Python,R,SQL, Machine Learning, Advanced algebra, Data modeling, Big data (hadoop etc), Predictive analytics, Various business intelligence tools, VBA, mathlab etc etc.

As of today I have some SQL knowledge and have a genereal understanding of BI, Big data, good excel skills etc. I am willing to learn some of the abovementioned areas but I dont have the money or time to get back to full time university studies again.

So here is my question; Is there any recognized “light version” of data scientist on the market? What are they usually called? What skills do they need to master? What should I learn in order to work with big data sets and analytics without having to study full time for another 5 years?

I live in scandinavia so the job market is probably different here but I thought it would be interesting to hear some answers.

Kind regards


Hi @ceylon,

Please see this and this blog as it aptly summarizes the path to become a data scientist.