Data visualization packages in R



Which package is better for data visualization in R, ggplot2 or ggvis?
Or do they both contain non overlapping functions?
Which one out of them should I pickup if I want to learn data visualization for the first time?
thank you.


I would recommend you use ggplot. Basic principle is same- using layers for better data viz

ggvis is a data visualization package for R which lets you:

Declaratively describe data graphics with a syntax similar in spirit to ggplot2.

Create rich interactive graphics that you can play with locally in Rstudio or in your browser.

Leverage shiny’s infrastructure to publish interactive graphics usable from any browser (either within your company or to the world).
see here

f you’re familiar with ggplot2, learning ggvis shouldn’t be too hard - it borrows from many familiar concepts. Note that ggvis is still very young, and many of the interfaces are likely to change as we learn more about what works well.

Basic naming conversions:
layer, geom -> layer function
stat -> compute function
aes() -> props()
ggplot() -> ggvis()
ggvis has a function interface so you combine components using %>%, not + as in ggplot2.

Facetting is not currently supported, and when it is supported, it’s more like to resemble embedded plots than facetting in ggplot2.