Data Visualization tools(QlikView) VS R



Would like to know which is better Qlikview or R for learning and securing job.



QlikView and R have been dominant in 2 different areas of analytics / data science. QlikView solves the problem of information visualization, communication and story-telling for your business. This also gets referrred to as Business Intelligence jobs in industry.

On the other hand, R is used more for Predictive modeling, statistical analysis, machine learning. The primary motive here is to look for hidden business insights in the data. Visualization is only a small part of this.

So, basically it would come down to what sort of jobs are you planning to go after - if it is BI jobs, then go for QlikView. On the other hand, if you are looking for jobs as a predictive modeler or statistician - go for R over QlikView.

Hope this helps.