Datascience Career


I would like to shift my career into Datascience…Can anyone help me how I should start?


You can refer to this learning path in order to get started with Data Science. It contains all the steps in detail that will help you gain sufficient knowledge of this domain.

Learning Path -


I suggest you to first thoroughly know the skills required in Data Science, and then you can correlate yourself where you stand.

  1. Good knowledge of statistical techniques
  2. Applying statistical techniques to data according to the use-case and requirements to understand the behaviour of data
  3. Programming Skills, this varies from company to company and role to role
  4. Thorough understanding Machine Learning algorithms
  5. Story telling capabilities from the analysis
  6. Quick learning capabilities and think out of box

All the theoretical and application knowledge can be gained through this blog. Practise as many problem you can. You will find various datasets to experiment. Once you are good in all these skills, participate in hackathons to check your abilities in Data Science.


Thankyou Chetan


I agree with @Ashwanth_Daggula’s answer; those skills are very important.

In addition, I’d recommend the Introduction in the Doing Data Science book by Cathy O’Neil and Rachel Schutt. In the introduction they talk about the skills required in Data Science and what makes a Data Scientist.