DataSet: Black Friday


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Note: Data is no more available to download.


not downloading


Cannot download the file


Not able to download


Not able to Download



The issue has been resolved. You should be able to download this data set now.
Please make sure you must log in to download this data set.



It is working now. Thanks :slight_smile:


I am unable to download. I did not save it after submission and I need it to try the winners solution. Please somebody help.


Hi @kumarviveka

I am very well able to download the data. Could you try once again?
I’m sure you wouldn’t face the trouble again.


Not able to download the dataset. Please help



It is working, I am able to download the dataset.



@Kuber…As a new member to the site even i was able to download the data set. Just make sure that you have logged in to the site…


I can not download the dataset,for details I can not open the page.
Could you help me ?


Is there any way to download the files now?


Not able to download the dataset, Could you help me please?


Hi awesome comunity,

I’m making my first steps in Data science :smiley: and I’m sure here is the best to way to learn faster and efficiently, thank you for your great articles, I ve already read a bunch of them. I wanted to start with this data set but It’s not available :frowning: can anyone help me with this ?