Dealing with new packages in R



Hi to all
I am so glad to be member of this forum , I find it update with expert member especially Mr kunal

in this topic my question is how to deal with new packages in R like “tm” (for text mining) how to use it in practice and their function
the first things that I always did download pdf manual of that packeges but in sometimes It is so comprehensive and doesn’t have example (maybe it is hard for newbies like me)

so what do you do when want to use new package whithout any knowledge about its function


hi @hossein_mortazavy,

I have not used this package. Here is a link where you can check for its usage, till some one replies your query.

You can also check R-bloggers on usage of this package.

Karthikeyan P


Dear Karthe1
Tm package was a kind of sample, my purpose is ask members how they deal with new packages when they want use it when they havenot any sense about its functions



An example for tm package.

another one

Twitter analysis by Kaify Rais from Ajay Ohri

How to deal with new packages- well I have the same problem , so I generally search for easier tutorials from

Hope this helps.


R for Business Analytics

R for Cloud Computing: An Approach for Data Scientists


If the documentation is too dense, the try searching the web for examples or tutorials. is very helpful for basic R, but usually the first few results from StackOverflow will usually do the trick. If you can’t find the answer even then, the find a forum (like SO, for example) and ask for help; but you must remember to be specific and clear, as it’s unlikely that anyone would want to spend a lot of time explaining each and every function in a package.


Dear Anon
your suggestions were so helpful and tricky