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Can someone explain a bit elaborately about the solution for Q9 ?



We have two inputs, h1 and h2, and we need to find the equation that uses h1 and h2 to get the final result.

Considering option A, we have (h1 AND NOT h2) OR (NOT h1 AND h2) .
(h1 AND NOT h2)

  1. NOT h2: The +1 becomes -1 and -1 becomes +1.
  2. h1 AND h2: +1 and +1 becomes +1; -1 and -1 becomes +1; +1 and -1 become -1; -1 and +1 become -1.

You will find out that this boundary matches our requirement. Since we have OR in between, if either one of the conditions is true, our result is true.


Thanks for your time. You are explaining from the correct solution to match with the question. Suppose you have a different decision boundary and four different options. Then, it will be an exhaustive approach to find a right solution. Is there any other trick to find a right solution by just looking at the visualizations ?