Deep Learning with TensorFlow - Challenges : Need Advice




I am using a core i3 system with 12 GB RAM.

I believe to learn Deep learning with TensorFlow I would need a system with a GPU which I dont have.

Is there a way around this problem wherein I can still go ahead with Deep Learning & TensorFlow without Hardware system requirement getting a stumbling block for me.

Any Help will be appreciated.




Hi @mohitvarma,

You do’t necessarily need a GPU to run Deep Learning models using TensorFlow. You can easily install TensorFlow on your machine and follow through to understand the tool as mentioned in this article. The only downside would be that each experiments would take a lot of time to finish.

Also, I would also suggest you to try out cloud services - such as AWS. These are efficient low cost alternatives to local GPU systems


Hey Mohit,

You can try if you require GPU for processing. Google provides free cloud access to Jupyter Notebook environment that requires no setup and very easy to run as well.