Deploying predictive Python Model for user access



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Am pretty new to the data science and if my question not make any sense pls correct me.

I had build and trained a model and now i need to deploy my model as web service so that i can present my work to colleagues. I had searched a lot but i couldn’t come across any helpful links to do this. I like to know how this can be achieved and how data science models are used across production server to be used by the users.

I came across deploying predictive models as service in dominos and azureML, but i like to do it in local as POC. Kindly direct me any links or documents.

i had asked the same question as well

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I don’t know how much this would help but I think you should see this (It might give you ideas on how to do it yourself). It a GitHub repo for ConvnetJs, used for web demos of Convolutional Neural Networks. Here is the link


I had find a way to do this using joblib and for deploying my trained model to serve the user request.

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