Did God use Machine Learning?



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I came across this https://www.quora.com/Did-God-use-machine-learning-algorithms-to-create-humans

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No he didn’t. If he had used ML he would have created better machines.

Well, jokes apart. What or who is god? In my humble opinion god is a perfectly radical equation which governs everything (We still haven’t figured out that equation, obviously). Let’s call the equation ‘The God equation’ or ‘TGE’. Humans are basically learning algorithms which are stuffed into a body. Each human is a unique learning algorithm. Let’s call the algorithm ‘human algorithm’ or ‘HA’.

Every single second the TGE creates around 400,000 unique HAs and kills 150,000 HAs. The net number of HA has been increasing since the birth of the first human. Every HA has unique(specific and individual features like intelligence, facial features, colour etc.) and generic features(like the human body, physiological needs etc.). A typical HA absorbs data, processes and gives it’s own output. Some HAs perform better than other HAs.

Here I measure performance on the ability to absorb, process and give useful output. Again what is useful and what is not is a very debatable topic, here I assume that what humans/media/society consider to be useful to be useful. So that implies that HAs like Elon musk, Steve jobs, blah blah are all better performing HAs(these people are synonymous to algos like xgboost, Deep neural networks as opposed to an average human who are synonymous to simple algos like linear regression etc.)

Looking at history we can safely conclude that a 21st century HA performs better than a 1st century human. A 21st century HA can process and give meaningful outputs from data around him with the aid of Machines( Machines are low level algos created by HAs) better than a 1st century HA. Thus we can conclude that HAs are getting better with time. Which means that TGE is learning and creates better learning human algorithms with time.

So, Yes God is using some HiFi Machine Learning to create humans



Mr Rabbit’s wondrous words of wisdom


If God exists as many religions believe, all powerful, then he doesn’t need to use Machine Learning.

If God doesn’t exist then, no, he doesn’t use ML.

Therefore, he doesn’t use ML.


wow… simply awesome.
The way you kept those words into sentences was :ok_hand:

Recently I watched a movie called "The man who knew the infinity " (Ramanujan’s life story), after watching that my mind was puzzled with so many thoughts. I will try to keep it simple .

Ramanujan belongs to 19th century and you know how things are at those times, he came up with so many theorems that Prof. G.H Hardy invited him to the prestigious Trinity college Cambridge. even before Ramanujan there were famous legends like Euler ( 18th century) e.t.c

In the nutshell , don’t you think the people who don’t even have access to the computers and all luxuries that we are enjoying today, proposed such kind of Theories and proofs way back and many of us still trying to understand them & we are thinking Humans are evolving (in terms of intelligence).

what we are seeing now are just implementations of those and though we have all facilities,and a discovery is nothing but separated pieces of puzzles and if you just join those pieces and voila a new discovery and you we will be trending on Twitter and Facebook & still many of us are not able to do that, I feel like we are degrading day by day in terms of common sense also.

any words of wisdom on my thoughts are appreciated


Hi @arfat,

I like your line of thought. I suggest you to watch the movie Waking life. It will definitely enlighten you. I think Ramanujan won the genetic lottery. Why some people are able to do things which other people can’t is one question which people have been trying to answer forever. If you are a data scientist which I think you are I request you to collect data of such extraordinary people and apply ML/DL to cluster or catch the ‘golden feature’. And I’m not joking about it. I too really wanna know on what makes them stand out.

I think your hypothesis that the earlier people are better than the current people is false. You are looking at a sample of people in the current generation and making comments on the whole population. Look at a larger sample, or rather the largest possible sample(the whole human population).

As far as individual intelligence is concerned I’m not sure, but I can confidently say that our collective intelligence is way better than any Ramanujan or Euler. Technology and internet has enabled us to work together to create great things. Hence we as a whole have evolved. The number of discoveries and inventions have become so high that their magnitude is gravely underestimated. In the old ages they were relatively less in number so it was regarded better. These days every other day you hear about some startup or some group of scientists coming up with great stuff. Today every one has access to organised information thanks to Google(Google is nothing but a group of people). Every one can quickly get in touch with everyone thanks to facebook(Again some group of people, well anti-google group of people). People are able to achieve greater things than any other century working together.

We as a whole are getting better. I think.