Difference between AI , ML and DS?



Hello All
Please help in understanding the difference between DS, AI & ML?


Hi @akash83,

I once had the same question myself. The image below will clear most of your doubt,


You can also go through the following article:

Regarding your other question about how is data science different from AI and ML - well Data science is basically understanding the data being captured and getting useful insights out of it.


Data Science

Data Science is a field which intersects AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and enables statistically driven decision making. Data science is the Art and Science of drawing actionable insights from the data .

Data Science + Business Knowledge = Impact/Value Creation for the Business.



Hi All,
Thanks for the response and the help.
I have 6 years of work experience in Data warehousing, Oracle SQL PL SQL,Informatica ETL. Is it possible to switch career into DS ML AI?