Difference between NLP and text mining

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Could anyone please tell me what is the difference between NLP and text mining? are both same?

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To put it simply, Text Mining deals with the text itself, while NLP deals with the underlying/latent metadata.

For a sentence, “A major incarnation of the weather phenomenon known as El Nîno is gathering force in the Pacific Ocean.”

Answering questions like - frequency counts of words, length of the sentence, presence/absence of certain words etc. is text mining

NLP on the other hand allows you to answer questions like;

  • What is the sentiment?
  • What are the keywords? (using POS tagging & parsers)
  • What category of content it falls under?
  • Which are the entities in the sentence? And more

NLP in most cases needs a good understanding of statistics and Machine Learning. Text Mining is often a pre-cursor to NLP, depending on the use case obviously.


Hi @Manas_Ranjan_Kar,

Thanks for the answer. Just one more question on this. Is R good in doing the NLP?
Many materials available online were pertaining to text mining are python and others than R.

Thank you.

I personally code in Python, so the answer is going to be biased. :smile:

There are multiple NLP-oriented libraries like NLTK, textblob, gensim that have a huge community base (plus Python errors are easier to decode). NLP needs a good understanding of semantics/linguistics too. You should start off with this book, great for getting a core understanding of NLP. And this one if you decide to go with Python.

Good Luck !

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