Difference between R-square and Adjusted R-Square?


Could you please provide a complete information with some example like above, for

  1. MAE,MSE, RMSE, R2, Adjusted R2,
  2. Which Mechanism is fit in which place ?
  3. why we are calculating all these Errors ?

Hi @punyashloke,

  1. These evaluation metrics are simple to understand. Have you tried going through online blogs and resources? Please go through the following links -

MAE and MSE -> Different evaluation metrics for Regression Models


R2 and Adjusted R2 ->

  1. The .fit function is used to train the model.

  2. After the training process, we evaluate the model performance to find out how well has the model trained. This is where we use the evaluation metrics (MAE, MSE etc)

can value of adjuested R2 be greater or less than the R2 ?

Awesome sir. thats expactly why you are a champ:)

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