Difference between WPS and SAS


Are WPS and SAS same? Some of the training institute provides training on WPS, should I go for it? Please suggest.



WPS and SAS are 2 different softwares.

However, WPS can run most of SAS language commands. Traditionally it has been a more cost effective way of training people on SAS. You should be able to run most of SAS commands on WPS. A lot of training institutes use WPS instead of SAS for training purposes due to this reason.

With introduction of SAS University Edition, SAS itself has provided a cost effective option. Hence some training institutes have also changed that. If you are a starter or looking for your first course on SAS, you need not worry about SAS / WPS conflict.


Hi Kunal,

Thanks for your suggestion, i have also gone through your list of top online courses for SAS but all the options are there is paid one :wink:. Can u suggest name of free online training for SAS.



I have seen your comment for free training on other discussion for free online training (SAS.Com) and You tube resources.


In addition to what Kunal has already mentioned, I am listing the pros and cons of using WPS to learn SAS.

What works:

  • WPS provides very similar interface as Base SAS. Once you start using, you will not even realize that you are working on WPS and not SAS. It provides similar windows (Editor / Log / Output) as Base SAS
  • Most of the base SAS commands related to data import and exploration would work as well
  • A decent documentation and good support
  • Huge difference in cost compared to SAS (SAS is typically 8 - 10x in first year and 4 - 5x in subsequent years)

What you miss out on:

  • Some of the procedures (e.g. Proc ttest) do not work in WPS. This becomes a problem while dealing with advanced statistical procedure

  • No WPS specific community - you will need to rely on SAS community to get your answers

  • ODS PDF functionality does not work

  • Can not read SAS Enterprise Miner code or run common modeling proedures

As Kunal has mentioned, if this is your first course on SAS, it should be fine. But if you are looking at advanced options, there might be a few limitations


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